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The Global Problem


There are roughly 424 million people globally that have some form of diabetes. 

 Diabetes is one of the largest global health emergencies of the 21st century.

The Future of Diabetes



The SugarCube is a Revolutionary Diabetes Lifestyle Management System; that combines both blood glucose testing and insulin delivery via a portable device. Along with our advanced technological mobile application.  

“The SugarCube” solves a number of immediate problems in the diabetes device market by significantly increasing the ease at which testing, tracking and administration of insulin is handled daily.




Our advantage over other medical firms is that we provide a high-level understanding to help integrate and utilize all of the necessary tools for diabetics and how to educate and facilitate proper management. 

By empowering users, we can modernize the future of healthcare together. 

Using the unique properties of Blockchain and Decentralization our SugarCube Ecosystem manages authentication, confidentiality, accountability and audit of health data and sharing.    


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